Commercial Insurance, Home, Life and Car Insurance from Los Altos Insurance Provider Experts

This is your last stop if you have been searching for a Los Altos, California home insurance resource. We have been going the extra mile to exceed the expectations of local homeowners since 1971, and we are not slowing down anytime soon. Though we have a level of experience that is difficult to match, we have always stayed up to date as relevant technology has advanced.

You get the best of both worlds when you obtain your home insurance through our agency, and we thoroughly understand the needs of locals in this affluent community. From Loyola to City Center to the Foothill Expressway/Main Street section, for home insurance in Los Altos, CA, SBC Insurance is the only logical choice.

Life Insurance and Car Insurance Los Altos

One of the nice things about working with our agency is the fact that you can satisfy all of your insurance needs under one conveniently located roof. In addition to home insurance, you can also obtain your car insurance through us, and we offer life insurance as well.

We scour our network of highly rated insurance companies to find the lowest premium that is being offered. You get top-notch coverage that you can rely on if you ever have a claim, but you won’t pay a penny more than you have to for your insurance coverage. And speaking of premiums, you can often get a discount if you get your home insurance and your Los Altos, CA car insurance from the same company.

Commercial Insurance

In addition to the car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance that we offer to individuals, we can obtain all different types of business insurance. If you need general or professional liability insurance, we can connect you with the ideal coverage at a price that won’t put a large dent in your budget. We also have access to commercial motor vehicle insurance, commercial property insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, and many other forms of business insurance.

World Class Service Every Step of the Way!

When you call a national insurance company, you wind up talking to an anonymous call center agent that is sitting who-knows-where. You can never form a direct, personal relationship with a particular agent that understands your needs.

Things are entirely different when you work with SBC Insurance Services. We are a local company, and as we have stated, we have been around for over 40 years. Someone that you have come to know will always be ready to assist you, and this is a very comforting feeling. If you would like to speak with one of our Los Altos, California insurance agents, we can be reached by phone at 650-469-0400 or 877-329-1150.