Car Insurance in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

Posted on: June 2nd, 2017

SBC offers best value car insurance in Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. Best value car insurance means coverage tailored to your needs at a price you can afford.  When it comes to car insurance you have several types of coverages. The first one is liability cover. This is also the compulsory part of auto insurance. The law states that you have a public responsibility to others when driving a vehicle on public roads. This means you need to be in a position to compensate others for damages and losses related to you driving. Liability insurance takes care of that.


Liability cover or 3rd party insurance only covers third parties. It does not cover you for your own damages, injuries or losses. For that you need additional car insurance options. These options include collision insurance and comprehensive. Collision insurance covers you for damages to your vehicle pursuant to a collision or road accident. However, there are risks other than car accidents. These include auto theft, storm damage, vandalism and related acts. To cover you for events other than a collision, you need comprehensive car insurance. If you have other vehicles such as a second car, a boat, a trailer, a motorcycle or a snowmobile, you can extend your auto insurance to cover such vehicles as well.


Coverage is one side of the insurance coin. An independent agent such as SBC Insurance can help you with the right car insurance coverages. The other side of the coin is cost. We all want the lowest possible premiums and your insurance agent can shop around for you and help you find the best coverages at the lowers cost. If you have a good driving record and other positive factors you can get lower rates as well.



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